Potential Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Hypothyroidism Proves Effective in Lab Study

October 12, 2018

Metal Coordinated Poly-Zinc-Liothyronine Provides Stable Circulating T3 Levels in Hypothyroid Rats

October 9, 2018


Synthonics, Inc. is a privately-held specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of patentable drugs that incorporate our proprietary metal coordination chemistry. We bind metals to known pharmaceutical agents to create new products that are better absorbed and thus have greater therapeutic benefits than their predecessors. Although our chemistry has broad application, we are focused primarily on drugs, such a levodopa for Parkinson’s disease and T3 for hypothyroidism, whose rapid absorption limits their utility.


We attach a metal, such as zinc or bismuth, to a known drug to create a new, patentable compound with improved pharmacokinetics and performance. By varying the metal and means of attachment, we can impart a wide range of pharmacokinetic enhancements, such as greater solubility, permeability or mucoadhesion, to increase a drug’s safety, efficacy or tolerability.