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Synthonics Awarded Metal Coordinated Compositions Patent 8,779,175

This composition of matter patent covers metal coordinated complexes that lower the pH levels at which an active agent can be kept in solution. “We have discovered buffering ligands which we can attach to a metal/drug complex that lowers the pH of the solution to enable innovative therapeutic formulations. For instance, vorinostat is an oral drug to treat cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, but often times cannot be administered intravenously to afflicted patients because of the high pH needed to formulate the product.” states Kenneth J. Slepicka, CEO of Synthonics.

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Welcome to Synthonics

We are a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and licensing of drugs that incorporate our proprietary metal coordination chemistry. Metal coordination entails attaching a pharmaceutically acceptable metal, such as zinc, bismuth or magnesium, to a known pharmaceutical agent to create a new and more effective drug. The addition of the metal changes the way the drug is absorbed or delivered without altering the action of the underlying drug.

Metal coordination offers tremendous flexibility, allowing us to "dial in" the desired pharmacokinetics by varying the metals used and the manner in which they are attached. In its simplest application, metal coordination improves a drug's absorption and delivery without changing the way the drug works once delivered. Metal coordination can also be used to extend or control a drug’s release or to prevent a drug's systemic absorption.

Unlike salts, metal coordinated pharmaceuticals are generally patentable as new compositions of matter under U.S. patent laws--even if the parent drug is already well known. We hold four U.S. patents and have dozens of additional claims pending.

Metal coordination is a platform technology with broad application that can be profitably applied both to already marketed drugs and to drugs under development. We have drug discovery and development programs underway on a handful of molecules. In addition, we partner with large pharmaceutical companies to enhance their pipeline and marketed products.

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